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Four new Paul Newman biographies due out in 2009 - Newman/Redford Slash Fiction

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March 12th, 2009

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10:31 am - Four new Paul Newman biographies due out in 2009

It's sooo quiet around here!!

Four new Paul Newman biographies to be released in 2009

Paul Newman:  A Life by Shawn Levy – May 5, 2009


In Paul Newman: A Life, film critic and pop culture historian Shawn Levy gives readers the ultimate behind-the-scenes examination of the actor’s life, from his merry pranks on the set to his lasting romance with Joanne Woodward to the devastating impact of his son’s death from a drug overdose. This definitive biography is a fascinating portrait of an extraordinarily gifted man who gave back as much as he got out of life and just happened to be one of the most celebrated movie stars of the twentieth century.

Me:  Probably one of the better biographies on Newman to be released after Dan O’Brien’s version in 2003.  I would recommend that Paul Newman fans pick it up.

Winning:  The Racing Life of Paul Newman


Description: For all his fame as one of Hollywood’s great actors, a world-class humanitarian, and the proprietor of a natural food empire, the late Paul Newman had another intriguing facet that was less known and perhaps closer to his heart than all the rest of his well-chronicled life.  He was an avid, successful and well respected car racer and team owner.  This book tells that story--from Newman’s racing career, begun in earnest at an age when many race car drivers contemplate retirement; to the partnership he formed in 1983 with Chicago racing entrepreneur and team owner Carl Haas; to the impressive stable of automobiles he owned, from the Porsches and Ferraris to quirkier modified VWs and Volvos. 


This is the tale of a life full of passion and skill, of someone who entered the 24 Hours of Daytona at the age of seventy and made his last professional race outing at eighty-two; whose roster of drivers for Newman/Hass reads as a who’s who of open wheel racing; and whose interest in cars extended from the likely suspects to old trucks and new hybrids.  And then there’s the charming pal who, when the incorrigible prankster Robert Redford had a miserably wrecked Ferrari dropped at his front door, returned the favor by having the car, crushed into a cube, delivered to Redford’s living room.  The anecdotes, the races, the cars--all are here, adding up to what for many would be a full life, but for Paul Newman was simply another side of a man of talent, conviction, and enduring spirit.


Me: I guess it would be worth looking at for curiosity’s sake.  We have heard, read and seen so much about his acting career that sometimes we forget he was a professional auto racer.


Paul Newman: A Life by Lawrence Quirk – September 25, 2009


Product Description
A racy leading man, an American icon: this is Hollywood legend Paul Newman. Almost everyone knows the public story of America's heartthrob, but few know what really went on beyond the screen-until now. Quirk's book chronicles Newman's life from pitfall to pinnacle. Quirk's Paul Newman is deeply probing and, at times, painfully truthful about the private life of this charismatic celebrity presenting an entire Newman from childhood to his final days.

Me:  I would certainly not recommend this particular biography if you are a diehard Paul Newman fan.  It goes into a lot of sordid detail (and at times quite dark) about his life.  I purchased the original edition some years ago, and most of it was hearsay and innuendo.

Paul Newman: The Man Behind the Baby Blues: His Secret Life Exposed – by Darwin Porter – July 25, 2009


Description:  Product Description
This is a pioneering and posthumous biography of a charismatic icon of Tinseltown whose rule over the hearts of American moviegoers lasted for more than half a century. It's loaded with never-before-published revelations that look behind the innocent-looking baby blues that enthralled the movie-going public. He became one of the most potent, desirable, and ambiguous sex symbols in America, a former sailor from Shaker Heights, Ohio, who parlayed his ambisexual charm and extraordinary good looks into one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. It's all here, as recorded by celebrity chronicler Darwin Porter--the dirt and the glory, the bad and the beautiful, the giddy highs and the agonizing lows of a great American star.

Me: If you read the sordid, sleazy and sexually explicit book called Brando Unzipped, then this is basically the same thing by the same author – except well, it is Paul Newman.  It goes into far more ‘intimate’ details of his relationships with his Hollywood colleagues, including an alleged affairs with Robert Redford and Marilyn Monroe ??!! I have a link that goes into further details, but I would prefer not to post it.  If you want to take a look, send me a message.  View at your own risk.


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Date:April 4th, 2009 09:45 am (UTC)
Well, I personally will certainly be having a look at Shawn Levy's bio of Paul; he was writing it before Paul's cancer was announced, so it'll be interesting to see if the tone of the bio noticibly changes. I've also heard some good buzz about it, so I'm hoping that it's out in Australia, pronto!

I've never read anything of Quirk's that wasn't filled with lazy writing, hearsay and an unpleasant tone towards his subject that makes you wonder why on earth he's writing the book in the first place. I've never been able to get my hands on Quirk's first bio on Paul, but I had the displeasure of reading his bio about Robert, and by God it was nasty!

I found "Brando Unzipped" to be an entertaining read, but I took all of it with a grain of salt, frankly. Although I must admit, I am curious as to what the other, more detailed link has to say about Porter's bio on Paul. I'm a sucker for punishment! ;) Would you mind sending it to me, please, Morgan?
Date:April 4th, 2009 02:29 pm (UTC)

Here it is



Some of those names I would believe. Others, not so sure. I don't think he even knew Crawford, Turner and Hepburn.

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